For the past couple of years, musicians around the globe have been unable to perform in front of a live audience. But digital technologies have ushered in new ways for artists to showcase their talents. And with the gig economy expanding at unprecedented rates, there are many new ways for musicians to monetize their skills. So here are four ideas that can generate cash, courtesy of Reach Reality Studios NYC.

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  1. Create a Music Website

  2. Launch a YouTube Channel

  3. Start Your Own Small Business

  4. Become a Virtual Teacher

  5. Start Your Music Career

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1. Create a Music Website

If you’re a working musician, you should have a professional website introducing you and your music to the rest of the world. A presence on the web will allow you to promote and sell your music online via your site, as well as engage your fans and grow your audience. Add an online store and email marketing to your digital arsenal, and let everyone on your mailing list know when you’re releasing a new tune. Linking your social media channels to your website will also help with developing a larger following; just make sure to keep a cohesive look throughout to improve brand recognition.


2. Launch a YouTube Channel

YouTube lets artists working in all genres showcase their music online, and if your content succeeds in engaging viewers and listeners, you can start getting some name recognition and even generating sales for your compositions. This platform gives you the possibility to live stream your events on your channel and will let you schedule a premiere so that your followers can discover your latest song or video together at the same time, just like at a real live event. Don’t forget to include a link to your website on your channel so that people can learn more about you by reading your bio, listening to your previous work, and purchasing your music online.


3. Start Your Own Small Business

There are many freelance work opportunities for musicians, and if you already own the tools you need to perform the job, you may not have to invest a lot of money in order to start your own business: songwriting, studio recording, mixing, editing, and mastering are just a few of the services you could offer as a professional. And thanks to video conferencing software, you can meet and discuss with your clients remotely instead of face to face.

To start your company, you’ll need a business plan describing your company and how much funding you’ll need to get it off the ground, then decide on a business structure, and register your company with your state. When choosing a business structure, consider a limited liability company (LLC). This entity has less paperwork and tax benefits, and you won’t be personally liable in case of litigation. The easiest way to form an LLC in New York is to use a formation service that’s already well-acquainted with all the regulations involved.


4. Become a Virtual Teacher

With people spending more time at home, many are looking into new pastimes and hobbies they can take part in without having to leave the house and interact in person. For this reason, online classes have become very popular: many are learning new skills via webinars, or meeting with their teachers using a video conferencing platform.

If you’d like to share your passion for writing meaningful lyrics or teach your guitar-playing skills to wannabe musicians, consider becoming a virtual teacher. You can find students through online sites, by advertising your services on your website and your social media channels, or by reaching out to your local schools, universities, and libraries.


5. Start Your Music Career

No matter what is occurring in the world, talented musicians will always come up with great tunes. If you’re looking to make money from your skills, there are still plenty of virtual opportunities ready for the taking, including forming your own LLC. So narrow down your niche and go online to find your next gig!

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